BYBI produktu kombinācija vasarai

BYBI produktu kombinācija vasarai

Sometimes you find brands which outlook on life matches yours - with zero waste or less waste principles, with natural ingredients, with the attitude towards the world and the people around you. It is BYBI Beauty that has stole my heart this summer. The esthetics of the packaging which are made from recycled materials and second hand ingredients from the food industry. Also the ingredients of the products themselves are recycled and natural. For example, Strawberry Booster is made from seed extract which is derived from strawberry seeds that are residue from juice production.
Ain't it cute? 

Today I will tell you about two BYBI products that can fit in you beauty routine together or by themselves:

BYBI Day Defence face cream with SPF 30 that protects from UVA/UVB rays, thanks to zinc oxide which is a natural protection filter. A real summer day cream that will not seem too heavy during the day although it contains SPF.
When applied, it seems more rich that other creams I have used, but it absorbs into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue. It can scare people with an oily skin, but because it is made from natural ingredients it doesn't clog the pores and the skin likes it. My sensitive and tricky skin honors this cream, so it doesn't cause a counter-reaction as clogged pores or pimples. Win win! Also foundation applies nicely over the top. 

It also contains Buriti oil. "Buriti oil is a natural SPF enhancer, it is rich in vitamins A and E, that help to maintain and restore the skin. Buriti is the richest natural beta-carotene source in the world, beta-carotene fights the damage cause by free radicals, restores weakened skin structure and helps to protect it from stressors from the environment such as pollution.”

It's been said that double doesn't break, so in addition to Day Defence I use one drop of Buriti oil. It actually has 3 benefits of doing that.

1. Buriti oil is yellow colored. I warn you - very yellow, and it can make the using of it harder. You can always use it at night time before going to bed. But together with very light colored Day Defence SPF cream it gives the skin more liveliness during the bronzy summer days.
2. Additional moisturizing for my dry skin is always a plus. Even if it is +30 degrees out.
3. Extra protection from the sun rays and the environmental factors.

If I want to even out my skin tone, I add BB cream to this mixture that does not only add color but also has SPF. For someone this combination might be too rich, but so you know, it absorbs into the skin. And there's even a need to reapply Day Defence during the day. By the way, it is actually necessary, because sun protection creams can only protect for only a certain time which depends on the number on the packaging (the bigger the number, the longer the protection), so it has to be reapplied.

During the summer time I will always choose a moisturizing and light coverage makeup, not a matte and heavily powdered down finish. During the hot summer weather skin will want to breathe and will produce more sweat and sebum, so the matte layer can become uneven and get oily and smear around. Moisturizing products will not last as long, but will look more fresh and more natural. 

I can reassure that since I have added these products to my morning and even night time skin care routine, my skin condition has improved. Less irritation, less pimples and less pore clogging.

What changes in your skin care routine during the summertime?

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