Byphasse was born out of an observation that cosmetics market really lacks quality products sold at easily accessible prices even though the demand for them is very high. Didier Petitot, General Manager, therefore decided to take up the challenge by endeavoring to make the world of beauty care available to everyone. He thought up a range of good quality, and very reasonably priced, large-sized products. His hope was to anticipate and satisfy the needs of everyone.Thanks to the day-to-day expertie of its team, Byphasse has managed to retain these prices and nothing has diverted the company from its initial idea.

Byphasse is a company with passion and has invested a lot internally since it was established, particularly in terms of creativity and quality so that we can always offer consumers more. We create to offer and leave something for the future. Didier Petitot often repeats it: "I say to myself that I have four children: my two daughters, my son and Byphasse. I love them. I protect them, and they make me evolve gently on a day-to-day basis."