Brown Exotic Intansity Tanning Lotion

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The Exotic Tan Preparer lotion from the Brown line is a tan accelerator, which browns the skin quickly due to the amino acid Tyrosine contained in the tan accelerator. So, the skin gets healthy brown in the sun or at the solarium due to the application of the tan accelerator. Hence, the skin is exposed to UV light for a shorter period of time.


In addition, the tan accelerator supplies the skin with valuable minerals, which the cells need for proper tanning. The active ingredients integrated into the tan accelerator include, among other ingredients, Peach, Pineapple, Papaya, Coconut, Magnolia and Cotton Extracts. Coconut Extract, for example, promotes metabolism of the skin, while the Papaya Extract’s function within the tan accelerator is to establish a purifying and detoxifying effect. The Magnolia Extract contained in the tanning lotion helps to keep the natural balance of the skin. The Vitamin Complex A, C and E that was integrated into the tan accelerator prevents the skin from drying out. Its highly effective free-radical catching effect protects against harmful environmental influences. The Brown Exotic Tan Preparer sun tan lotion does not contain a fake tan.

Directions for use:

How do I become a healthy brown? The tan accelerator is suitable for daily personal care and should be applied as evenly as possible to the skin. To reinforce the natural tan accelerator, apply immediately before sunbathing or the solarium and allow it to set in. Do not exceed the skin’s own protection time. The sun tan lotion does not contain sunscreen and does not protect against sun burn or skin damage caused by UV rays.

Product advantages:

Self tanner
Tanning accelerator
Dermatologically tested
UV-Relax Certificate
Exotic Scent