Melon Rainbow Tanning


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The Melon Rainbow Tan Preparer Lotion is a tan accelerator, which cares for the skin and accelerates tanning due to the amino acid Tyrosine. Tyrosine enhances the release of the body’s own Melanin, which is responsible for a UV-induced tan. Thus, the skin browns faster with this tan accelerator in the sun or at the solarium and, at the same time, the skin is spared of excess UV exposure.


The tan accelerator not only smells like fruity melon, it also contains Melon Extract. The Melon Extract has a high water content, contains the Vitamins A, B and C and gives the skin a fresh complexion. In addition, this tan accelerator has a slimming effect, which the active ingredient complex from Caffeine and Carnitine provide. This dehydrates the connective tissue and allows a tighter and more stable skin. The skin’s image is, thus, visibly improved by the tan accelerator. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter allow the tan accelerator to add extra moisture to the skin.

Directions for use:

Apply the tan accelerator as a daily body care evenly to the skin. To enhance natural tan, apply the tan accelerator immediately before sunbathing or the solarium. Allow the tan accelerator to set. Do not exceed the skin’s own protection time. The tan accelerator does not contain any sunscreen and does not protect against sun burn or damage caused by UV rays.

Product advantages:

no Self tanner
yes Tanning accelerator
no SPF
yes Dermatologically tested
yes UV-Relax Certificate
Fruity (melon) Scent