Simply Wonderful Bronzer 15ml

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The dreamy Simply Wonderful bronzer lotion is a fake tan with a fruity sweet scent with a hint of rose. The fake tan invites you to a wonderful skin care and tanning experience. The fake tan is mixed with the sugar-based fake tan agent DHA and allows the skin to brown quickly without the sun and without the need of a sunbath at the solarium.


With Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, the fake tan ensures complete moisturizing of the skin. The Walnut Extract contained in the fake tan also compresses the skin surface. This way, the skin is optimally protected against damaging environmental influences and the skin appearance appears more relaxed. Vitamin A stimulates cell division and, thus, results in a faster renewal of aging skin layers. Vitamin E catches free radicals on the skin and protects the skin perfectly against damaging environmental influences. Thus, the skin is prepared for intensive tanning and can be browned quickly.

Directions for use

The fake tan is suitable for daily use and should be applied evenly to the skin. Allow the bronzing lotion to absorb completely. After having used the fake tan wash hands. After about 4-6 hours, the full effect of the sun tan lotion becomes visible on the skin. The fake tan provides a tan without the sun, but does not contain sunscreen and does not protect against sun burn and skin damage caused by UV rays during the sunbath.