Aloha Kailua Tanning

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Experience with Hawaiiana Aloha Caribbean the Hawaiian world of natural Caribbean ingredients and beautifully tanned bodies! Experience the Hawaiian world of natural Caribbean ingredients and beautifully tanned bodies! Formulated with special Hawaiian care ingredients for a sensational tanning experience. These selected ingredients include exclusive fruit extracts such as Hawaiian sugar cane, as well as tried and tested specialist skin care products like nourishing Cupuacu Butter, hydrating Aloe Vera and nurturing Shea Nut Butter.

For an incomparable, golden Hawaii tan these exotic Hawaiian products make your skin glisten like Honolulu’s iridescent waters and leave your skin with the most captivating shade of bronze.


Aloe Vera, Blueberry extract, Caramel, Coconut extract, Orange extract, Papaya extract, Pineapple extract, Shea butter, Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Silicone, Lemon extract, Sugar maple extract, and Sugarcane extract.

Directions for use:

Aloha Kailua Fruit Tanning Lotion is suitable for a daily application as a tan accelerator. Apply straight before sunbathing or using a solarium and allow it to be absorbed to enhance the natural tanning process. Do not exceed the skin’s own natural protection time. The tanning accelerator allows the skin to tan quickly but does not contain a sun protection factor or provides protection against sunburn or skin damage caused by UV rays.


Q: Is this lotion also suitable for pale skin type?

A: Sure it is! The well thought-out combination of Shea Butter accelerates the regeneration of the skin, which is the essential component for protection, additionally Caffeine supports the blood circulation, which leads to an acceleration of the tanning process.

Q: Can I use this product in a sunbed?

A: Yes sure! All of our products can also be used under a tanning bed. The safety and efficiency of our products is confirmed by official tests and certificates, and we did not stop on that! Every of our cosmetic products has the European quality mark “UV-Relax”. This means that all products have passed a huge number of independent studies and tests for phototoxicity and dermatological safety in interaction with ultraviolet rays.

Q: What is so special about the Tannymaxx products?

A: Our products are not only bland tanning accelerators but a combination of high-quality skin care and a specially developed tanning complex. So we take care that your skin is supplied with enough nutrients to guarantee a healthy and deep tanning process.