Aloha Wailea Bronzing


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Aloha Wailea Smooth Bronzing Lotion provides a Hawaiian surfer tan for those, who stayed at home. Not only is the skin intensively nourished by the self-tanner, but it also tans fast even without the sun. The contained tan accelerator Tyrosine additionally intensifies the tanning process in the sun or at the solarium and allows an even more intensive tan.


Aloha Wailea Smooth Bronzing Lotion contains a skin care base of moisturizing ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. This is rounded off by exotic fruit extracts, such as Pineapple, Papaya and Coconut Extract, which vitalize the skin and provide a radiant complexion. Through the contained Pomegranate Extract the self-tanner immediately catches free radicals on the skin and actively counteracts negative environmental influences. Japanese Cherry Blossom has a calming effect on sensitive and stressed skin. Thus, the skin is perfectly prepared for this self-tanner and is the perfect base for an even and long lasting tan. Sugar-based self-tanning agents allow the skin to tan fast even without the sun.

Directions for use:

Aloha Wailea Smooth Bronzing Lotion is suitable for daily application. This self-tanner should be applied to the skin as evenly as possible. Wash your hands after applying the self-tanner. After approximately 4-6 hours, the self-tanning cream will take full effect. The self-tanner does not contain any UV protection and will not protect against sunburn and sun-related skin damage.

Product attributes
Self tanner
Tanning accelerator
Dermatologically tested
UV-Relax Certificate
Fruity Scent

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