Waikiki Wave Golden Coconut Dark Tanning Oil


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Get a glow that rivals that of Hawaii's famous Waikiki Beach surfers. Special care for sensational tanning experiences,thanks to the Hawaiian care formula, which includes exclusive fruit extracts such as those of Hawaiian sugarecane,as well as tried and tested specialist skin care products like nourishing cupuacu butter,hydrating aloe vera and nurturing shea nut butter.For an incomparable,golden Hawaii tan.


• Pistachio extract increases the skin’s resilience while providing a high level of moisture
• Pineapple Extract has a refreshing effect, strengthens the skin, increases the skin's water content and imparts moisture. Alongside valuable vitamins and minerals, the extracts of pineapple contain enzymes that can only be found in this specific fruit. One of these is bromelain; it ensures that dry skin cells are released so that fresh cells can take their place. As a result, your skin is rejuvenated naturally and radiates freshness and good health

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