Beluga Luxury Tanning Satchet

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15 ML
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The Beluga Luxury Tan Preparer is a tan accelerator which also provides the highest level of skin care. The amino acid Tyrosine, added to the tan accelerator, activates and accelerates the release of Melanin in the body, which makes the skin brown quickly in the sun or in the solarium. So, the tan accelerator achieves a natural brown faster and the skin is cared for. 


The anti-wrinkle effect caused by the Caviar Extract contained in the tan accelerator prevents the formation of so-called “leather skin” and makes the skin appear visibly younger. The TMX HydroComplex, additionally contained in the tan accelerator, is an intelligent 24-hour moisturizing complex, which provides a moisturizing effect. This moisturizing effect is activated by the natural protein metabolism in the body. The Jojoba Oil, contained in the sun tan lotion, also leaves the skin beautiful. Moreover, the tan accelerator also causes a smooth, pleasant and supple feeling. The Vitamins A and E, which are also included in the tan accelerator, promote the re-greasing processes in the skin.

Directions for use

How do I become a healthy brown? The tan accelerator should be applied evenly to the skin for daily personal care. Apply the tan accelerator to strengthen the natural tanning process immediately before sunbathing or the solarium and allow it to work. Do not exceed the skin’s own protection time. The sun tan lotion does not have sunscreen and does not protect against sun burns or skin damage caused by UV rays.