Natural Moisturizer


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The vegan Natural Moisturizer moisturizes the skin and gives it new vitality. Through an intensive active ingredient complex, the moisturiser provides rich skin care and prevents long-lasting dry skin. The moisturiser provides a well-groomed beautiful skin, without the animal ingredients parabens and paraffins.


The Argan Oil contained in the moisturiser and known as the “Gold of Morocco” consists of valuable unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, which have a significant influence on dry skin. They maintain the elasticity of the skin and actively protect it from drying out. Natural antioxidants integrated into the moisturiser act simultaneously as a protective shield to repel free radicals and repair skin damage. The skin’s hydro-lipid film is strengthened by the moisturiser. Moreover, the moisturiser reduces wrinkles and the skin’s tension is significantly increased. The Aloe Vera within the moisturiser is soothing and regenerates sensitive and dry skin.

Directions for use:

The moisturiser is suitable for every type of skin and is ideally suited for daily use as a supplementary skin care product. The moisturiser can be applied to the body as well as to the face. The tanning result lasts longer due to intensively cultivated skin. The creme does not contain any sunscreen and doesn’t protect against sun burn and skin damage caused by UV rays.

Product advantages:

no Self tanner
no Tanning accelerator
no SPF
yes Dermatologically tested
Light flowery Scent

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