French Look 100-pack Nail Tips - Medium, Square

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Perfectly fitting flexible artificial nails with a French look that are easy to apply using the accompanying glue.


100 detachable nail tips, adhesive.

Directions for use

1. Prepare everything before application such as trying out all sizes and filing for any tips if necessary. If you cannot find a nail tip with a perfect fit, then choose one that is slightly larger and file to the edges.

2. Do a thorough manicure – file down and shape your nails. Gently push back your cuticles. Also use a polishing file to smooth the nail surface. Tip: use Depend cuticle peeling to remove all the dead skin cells that are along the cuticles and on your nail, so you get a better durability of your false nails.

3. Clean your nails with an acetone- and oil-free nail polish remover, we recommend Depend Blue nail polish remover. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Apply a thin layer of Depend nail glue to the attachment surface of the tip, the thin part at the bottom of the tip. ATTENTION! Not over the entire tip. Apply the tips and press firmly for 5-10 sec. If you use a Shortcut Tip, do not cancel the tip until it has been applied.

Removing nail tips: use Depend Artificial Nail remover.

Never break or pull off the nail tip as this can damage your natural nail.


Glue - Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

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