BOOSTER BARREL - Booster Collection

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Featuring four of our 15ml boosters; BakuchiolBuritiStrawberry and Blueberry

This barrel gift set is perfect for all seasons, beauty junkies and all skin feels (sensitive, dry, flakey, dull, tired etc). 

BYBI boosters enhance your existing routine by targeting specific skin concerns. We understand that your skin doesn’t stay the same with the ever-changing seasons, skin feels and concerns, it’s hard to keep track of what to buy and what to use. This Booster gift set caters to every skin feel. Use the boosters to boost and enhance our skincare routine by simply dropping into your moisturiser or use a couple drops straight onto the skin.

This set contains: 

1 x 15ml Bakuchiol Booster, a natural retinol alternative that stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture. 

1 x 15ml Buriti Booster, a potent antioxidant for brighter skin, that also protects against pollution. 

1 x 15ml Strawberry Booster, an instant skin softener for dry skin. 

1 x 15ml Blueberry Booster, which helps protect skin against blue light. 

Packaged in an eco-friendly barrel, it’s a great susty gift for all skincare lovers and conscious shoppers. The barrel itself can be reused as a holder for anything in your wildest dream; think makeup brushes, hair accessories, jewellery or even a pen pot!

🙅Makeup brushes not included

How to recycle:

Remove tube from carton. Carton is 100% recyclable so can be disposed of in your domestic recycling.

*Check local facilities to see if you need to rinse before disposing.
Please note: the sugarcane material of the tube will degrade at industrial composting facilities but as it’s able to be recycled without contaminating the recycling process, we recommend giving it another life to reduce the amount of virgin materials produced.