Divine Olive Hair Mask, 300ml

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Rejuvenate dry and brittle hair with our Divine Olive Hair Mask. Harnessing the natural power of organic olive oil from the hills of Provence, this blend contains clary sage extracts and other natural essential oils to help enhance the olive oil’s natural moisturizing properties. Made in Provence.


300 ml 

Directions for use

A hair mask should be applied to washed and towel-dried hair. Spread the cream evenly throughout your hair, piece by piece. Massage the product in from the roots to the tips then comb through your hair with your fingers.


With Olive Oil PDO from Haute Provence and a complex of 9 plants such as White nettle, Rosemary, pine or Roman camomile, the Divine Olive mask, ideal for dry hair, intensely nourishes your hair. Silicone-free.