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Shaving Gel

With its unctuous and lubricating texture, this shaving gel, enriched with Aloe vera, known for its moisturizing properties, soothes your skin and protects it from razor burn. Translucent, it gives a closer shave. You can, before or after shaving, use our multi-use oil, which will soften the hair, leaving it silky. For even more comfort, apply our face care after shaving.
Capacity: 150 ml

True concentrate of vital forces

We take the goodness and perfumes from complex essential oils, drawing on the vital forces in these plants :

    • Atlas Cedar from the Moroccan mountains

    • Lavandin Grosso from France

    • Peppermint from India

How to use

To make shaving easier and soften the stubble, use the Basic Essentiel beard oil. Put a drop of oil in your hands, heat it by rubbing your hands together palm to palm, and put it on skin dampened beforehand. Then apply the shaving gel. For this put a pearl of gel into the palm of your hand and apply it by gently massaging. Start shaving the sideburns moving down towards the cheeks. Favour long, precise gestures. For optimum shaving, rinse your razor blade regularly under a trickle of hot water. Spray your face thoroughly once you’ve finished shaving then for even more comfort hydrate your skin with the Basic Essentiel care product. A drop of oil will also soften the skin of your face.