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Multimasking with Byphasse. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store
Many can admit that using face masks is not a "every couple of days", or even a "once a week" event, but is left for a "self-pampering holiday" once every couple of weeks or even a month. To be honest, it's even understandable why. Applying masks tends to be a fiddly process that takes time. But in fact, face masks can create a happy moment in the day, especially at a time when spa treatments cannot take place outside the home, but you have to create a salon in your bathroom. It's just a matter of finding masks that are fun to use and a way to easily incorporate it into your daily routine (for example, I have it before the shower, washing the mask off in the shower).

There is a lot to choose from

The range of masks found in the store is wide: cleansing, pore reducing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, lifting, sheet masks, clay masks, mud masks, gel masks and night masks, and many others.

Byphasse made a set of 3 masks

If your skin has become problematic and needs help in cleansing, Byphasse made the choice much easier and combined three of its kaolin clay masks in a set designed for multi-masking. It includes a spatula for applying the mask and 3 x 50 ml clay masks to organize the skin care regimen according to the needs of the skin at the time or all together.

Green: This is a purifying, mattifying and pore-minimizing mask with scrubbing particles. It will be a perfect ally in the summer, when the skin sweats a lot and needs the feeling of freshness that this mask gives. Will be suitable for oily and combination skin with a tendency to rashes.
Purple: A purifying mask containing charcoal. It will help fight the common problem of blackheads, which occur when the sebum accumulated in the pores and dead skin cells oxidize, resulting in a dark tone. It will be suitable for application directly in problem areas, which are the nose, around the nose, forehead, chin.
Pink: City pollution makes you think about extra skin care, so this mask helps protect the skin from free radicals and improves its detoxification. The skin will be cleaner and more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

Overall impressions

I have dry/dehydrated skin and it tends to be flaky, problematic and with clogged pores. It requires a lot of attention on a daily basis. It is important not to dry the skin even more, so that a counter-reaction does not cause increased secretion of sebum. Sometimes I allow myself to clean my skin with a clay mask, but the main rule is that I don't keep it for the entire time specified by the manufacturer. I wash the mask when it has just hardened so that it does not dehydrate the skin. Let's be real, other times it happens to be daydreaming or immersed in a book or series and forget about the existence of the mask. Byphasse masks do not leave the skin feeling tight after use, as many clay masks do, and they are not difficult and long to wash off, as the consistency is light and they do not need to be applied in a thick layer. They have a pleasant smell and the skin feels clean and fresh after using them and ready to receive the moisturizer. If you want to prolong the relaxing process, after using the clay masks, you can apply a moisturizing gel mask, a cloth mask or a nourishing mask from the Byphasse mask series, which is yellow in color and suitable for all skin types.

Why is this set called multi-masking?

Because they can be used together and applied to the corresponding area of the face, where they seem more necessary, for example, pore cleansing with a blue mask on the nose or chin, and a skin-matting effect on the forehead, while the rest of the face is covered with a pink Detox mask. Also, if you feel that one of the areas of the face does not need a mask, they can be used only in problem areas. Convenient and time-saving.
This will be a good kit if you want to try Byphasse face masks but don't want to buy the full packs, and would also make a good gift for someone new to face masks and skincare in general.

If you don't want to buy all the masks together, because you know that a certain mask is not suitable for your skin, or simply doesn't appeal to you, then you know that we have 4 types of full (150ml volume) masks available in the e-store:
• Purple - against blackheads;
• Green - minimizes pores;
• Pink - detox.

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