Solid Soap Lavender

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Genuine decorative item, this traditional soap will leave your skin clean and delicately perfumed with the citrus scent of verbena.

The Lavender soap, with essential oil of lavender will give you a delicate sensation of sweetness and well-being.

Made in Provence


100 gr

Directions for use:

Intended for regular hand washing, solid soap can be used several times a day. Lather the soap under water in the palm of your hands, rinse with clear water then gently dry.

Genuine decorative items, you can place these soaps at the heart of your linen to leave it delicately fragranced.

Product advantages:

The Jeanne en Provence soaps are made according to Provencal tradition and stamped with the brand’s cameo. The Jeanne en Provence soaps are made in Provence and are fragranced with the most emblematic ingredients of the region.