Nutri Repair Kit 250ml

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Nourishing restructuring treatment with plant-based keratin, honey and quinoa. Ideal for dry, frizzy hair that undergoes frequent technical treatments. Gently nourishes hair, leaving it silky to the touch, while restructuring and hydrating it deep down.


Nutri Repair Shampoo 250 ml

Nutri Repair Mask 250 ml

Thermo Repair Milk 125 ml

Why it is awesome

VEGETAL KERATIN: A blend of 18 plant-based amino acids, it is rich in the amino acid cysteine. It creates sulphur bridges that give hair greater strength. Strengthens and boosts hair fibers and improves their elasticity. Repairs the structure of damaged hair.

HONEY: Made from nectar gathered from flowers and converted by worker bees; it contains sugars that make it an emollient active ingredient, and flavonoids and polyphenols with antioxidant properties. Protects hair, leaving it soft and smooth.

QUINOA: Contains natural proteins that protect and condition hair and make its color last longer. This active ingredient is natural and gluten free. Leaves hair looking shiny and hydrated, while protecting it. Guarantees protection, shine and a long-lasting color.

Beauty Result

Healthy looking hair that is deeply hydrated and silky smooth.