Nutri Color Kit

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Nourishing protective kit for colored or streaked hair. Enriched with vegetal Keratin, Goji Berries and Acai, gently cleanses hair making it bright and hydrated, for a longer-lasting color.  


Nutri Color Shampoo 250 ml

Nutri Color Conditioner 250 ml

Illumy Light Oil 125 ml

Why it is awesome

VEGETAL KERATIN: A blend of 18 plant-based amino acids, it is rich in the amino acid cysteine. It creates sulphur bridges that give hair greater strength. Strengthens and boosts hair fibers and improves their elasticity. Repairs the structure of damaged hair.

GOJI: Goji berries, which are native to China, are rich in vitamins, mineral salts, 18 different amino acids and plant-based fatty acids. They are used to replenish vitamin reserves and supply nutrients. Colored hair is protected, energized and strengthened, for an anti-age effect.

ACAI: Acai berries are native to the Amazon and are rich in phytosterols, fatty acids and vitamin C. Acai berries are used widely in cosmetics, thanks to their emollient and energy-boosting effect. Revitalize treated hair and hydrate it, thanks to their emollient properties.

Beauty Result

Prolonged life of color in the hair.