Sensus Alisa Diamond Liss Maintenance Kit (Restore Shampoo 180ml & Restore Butter 180ml)

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Maintenance Kit after Alisa straightening treatment.

Restore Shampoo

Is a nourishing shampoo with diamond extract, rich in polyacids and vitamin C. It tames hair and is an ideal maintenance product for ALISA treatments. It eliminates frizz and leaves hair feeling soft, silky and manageable.

Restore Butter

It is a hair mask with diamond extract, rich in polyacids and vitamin C. It completes and prolongs ALISA cosmetic treatments, so hair remains soft and hydrated.


Restore Shampoo 180 ml

Restore Butter 180 ml

Directions for use

Restore Shampoo - Salon use only. Apply to damp hair, massage gently then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For professional use.

Restore Butter - Salons use only. Apply generously to lengths and ends after washing hair with Restore Shampoo. Massage hair gently with your hands and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For professional use.


Diamond dust - diamonds are used in state-of-the-art cosmetics for their physical structure. The microcrystals in the Alisa products intensify the
refraction of the light, creating an exceptionally bright and
brilliant effect. physical structure. The diamond micro crystals intensify
the refraction of light, thus creating an extremely luminous
and brilliant effect on the hair.

Organic acid mix - has antioxidant properties. The mix in the Alisa products
makes hair more manageable and glossy looking, enhancing the smoothing or taming action. It is also a pH regulator. Helps keep the hair structure healthy, supple and vibrant, enhancing the Alisa treatments. Hair stays soft and shiny for longer.