Protect your skin from the sun and choose safe tanning methods

Protect your skin from the sun and choose safe tanning methods

Why is sun protection necessary?

Prolonged exposure to the sun (at least 20 minutes), especially in the sunlight of May and June, causes redness of the skin. It is a photodamage that, during long-term exposure to UV radiation, causes permanent effects - accelerated aging, as well as risks - the occurrence of melanoma. The intensity of skin redness under the influence of UV rays is determined by the phototype of the skin. People with light skin should use protective products with SPF 50 when staying in the sunlight, especially if the skin burns quickly in the sun, becomes red, is itchy. People with medium-light skin can use SPF 30 - 50, but darker skin, which does not experience rapid skin tanning and redness, can also choose SPF 15. Sunscreen must also be used on the face and hands in daily activities, not only on the beach. Especially if hyperpigmentation has been observed on the skin, which is only aggravated by the influence of the sun.

Attention! UVB rays are absorbed by glass, but UVA rays, which are the main contributors to premature aging, are let through the glass. Therefore, even indoors, especially if you spend a long time near the window, you must use sunscreen!

Tannymaxx products with sun protection function

We have them available in 3 degrees of sun protection factor - 15, 30, 50. Remember! The products should be applied 30 minutes before going into the sun and renewed every 2-3 hours!

Self-tanning lotions - the new way to get the look of sun-kissed skin.

If you want to replace the aristocratic paleness with the appearance of healthy sun-tanned skin, but you want to do it safely.
For many years, basking in the sun on the beach or lying in the solarium has been replaced by self-tanning lotion. Fearing the harmful UV rays, not only is the sun protection filter used more, but many choose a relatively safer method for changing skin color - toning lotions containing DHA or dihydroxyacetone. DHA (often combined with other active substances) reacts with dead skin cells, coloring them and making the effect last for an average of a week.

Anything with the word "bronzing" in its name gives the skin not only a light tan, but also serves as an intensifier of tanning in sunlight. The saying "Two birds with one stone" cannot be attributed here, as we will add that the Tannymax brand is proud of the bunny logo or "cruelty free" status. But the idea that one product can achieve two effects is clear.

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Let's just say that you can't expect Caribbean skin from these, but they're a good start if you're looking to give your skin a natural-looking light tan that's as easy as applying your daily moisturizing body lotion.

All Tannymaxx and Art of Sun tanning products are designed so that during the 15-minute tanning cycle, the skin is constantly moisturized and does not dry out.

Tan enhancing lotions will also make it possible to reduce the time spent in the sun.

The tan will develop faster, be more permanent and even, and at the same time the skin will be cared for and moisturized. For example, Tannymaxx Tequila and Art of Sun Platin lotions.

Try sachet packaging.

If you don't want to buy full packages and know that you won't be able to use them, 15 ml packages will be the perfect option. They are enough for just one use for the whole body. Therefore, you will be able to try one of each product to find the one you like best.

Take care of yourself so that the summer is full of joy and happiness without sunburn!

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