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Suddenly, it's that time again when you walk into a shop to find neatly arranged piles of notebooks and school supplies. And we know - school time is almost here.

When we go to school or university, we undoubtedly want to be not only well prepared and ready to learn, but also to be at our best look every day. In this post, we'll share products and tips to help you make your beauty routine easier so you can focus on your studies more successfully.

Take a look in our beauty bag!

A cared-for skin is already part of the victory

A healthy, glowing, acne-free complexion is essential for feeling good and confident, so it's important to take care of it both morning and night. Choose face care products that are not only effective, but also pleasant to use! BYBI is an environmentally friendly, ecological and vegan cosmetic that will take care of your skin without damaging its protective layer. For an effective fight against skin imperfections, clogged pores and dryness, choose facial care products from BYBI.

Swipe CleanNight NutritionSmooth&Soothe Scrub

For quick make-up removal

In the evening (or straight after school), it's important to remove the layers of make-up that prevent your skin from breathing and regenerating. The more time you give your skin to rest from make-up, the better. Choose one of Byphasse's make-up remover wipes - there's one for every skin type. Remember - after using the wipes, you should also cleanse your face thoroughly with a cleansing gel! And then tone and moisturise.

Make-Up Remover Wipes Micellar Solution, Sensitive Skin

A gel manicure at home?

Did you know that a manicure at home can take as little as 30 minutes and cost much less in the long run than a single appointment? With the Gel IQ Starter Kit* and your favourite shades, you'll create a DIY home style gel polish that lasts up to 14 days.

Gel iQ Colours

*removers not included. These are available as a separate kit at a great price.

Eyebrows are the frame of your face

Often, nothing else is needed in make-up than neat and expressive eyebrows. Depend has made sure your brows always look flawless. Available in:

- Eyebrow colours that give you a 10 minute at-home brow colour and keep your brows looking their best for at least a month:

PE Lash & Eyebrow Colour Dark Brown

- eyebrow wax, which can be used to simulate the look of laminated eyebrows;
- eyebrow pencils to fill in the contour and empty spaces of your eyebrows on a daily basis.

False eyelashes for a quick everyday make-up look

No time or money for eyelash extensions? With a little practice, you can quickly learn how to apply eyelashes fast, so getting ready for school in the morning takes less time. With false eyelashes, you can achieve the effect you want and make your eyes look bold without using eyeshadow or liner. Especially if your natural lashes aren't as long or thick as you'd like.

PE Faux Mink Eyelashes MarcelPE Artificial Eyelashes Matilda

Artificial nails for special occasions

If you don't or don't want to paint your nails every day, but want a quick and easy manicure for an event, Depend artificial nails are just the thing.

Nail Kit Press & Go Self-Adhesive Petite, Square

Fresh every day

Good mood and accompanying pleasant fragrance help us a long way in feeling good. A shampoo that smells good when you wash your hair lasts a long time and, when you let your hair down, the scent enchants those sitting next to you.

Daily Volume Shampoo 250mlBIO Apple Shower Gel, 250ml

An eau de parfum that will leave no one indifferent. A shower gel that will leave you feeling fresh for longer. A deodorant that will always be with you.

Eau De Parfum Iris & Néroli, 100mlPerfume In the Shade of Almond Trees, 60ml

All this and much more for everyday beauty - in our e-shop.

We wish you a successful new school year!

Your beauty assistant Crystal Cosmetics.

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