Review: Ewa Schmith makeup brushes.

Review: Ewa Schmith makeup brushes. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Face make-up brushes - the most important weapons of a perfect make-up base. They have so many different shapes, different densities, different uses, it is understandable that you can get confused in the jumgle of offers, so we will tell you what to do with five Ewa Shmith brushes of this series, which can be purchased in the CrystalCosmetics e-store.

All brushes in this series are made of synthetic bristles. Firstly, they are vegan, secondly, the synthetic bristles are gentle, they do not irritate sensitive skin. They are easier to care for, as they do not require additional conditioning, and they also last a long time (provided that the brushes are properly and carefully washed and dried). The brushes have ergonomic and non-slip handles.

What are they for, you would ask. Let us tell you.


It has densely arranged bristles that do not "eat" the foundation, ensure an even and flawless application. Suitable for full coverage liquid and cream foundations, as well as cream face contour.


This is one of our favourites because, true to the manufacturer's claim, it fits the contours and curves of the face perfectly.

It's easy to use thanks to its short handle, and since it comes with a plastic frame, you can carry it in your makeup case without worrying about the brush collecting dust and dirt or smearing the rest of your accessories.


This brush is a "3-in-one" - a medium-sized brush with soft bristles that will not only apply loose powder, but will also work perfectly for pressed powder with setting and even light coverage foundation. It applies and blends bronzer and blush flawlessly.

This angled make-up base brush hides more than one application. Its slanted short and dense bristles will serve to apply concealer, as well as to contour the face with cream products and cream face illuminators

Our favorite use of it is for concealer, as the shape of the brush fits perfectly into the under eye area and inner corners, making it easy and quick to conceal dark circles. To get a beautifully even tone under the eyes, use a concealer that is just a little lighter than the foundation and apply it only where needed. Too much concealer and too light a shade can directly highlight imperfections.

A large and soft powder brush is the key to fast and even application of creamy products. It fits the oval of the face well, and it will be especially useful for powdering the face during the day, as it does not absorb a very large amount of powder.

It can definitely be used as a face and body bronzing powder if you don't need precision. Application and smoothing - the effect is achieved in seconds.

CONCEALER and FOUNDATION make up brush
This densely arranged straight bristle brush is suitable for applying face primer (a product before foundation) and foundation. I especially recommend full coverage foundations or cream products. Smoothes without absorbing the foundation, so product consumption will be less. The foundation should be applied in circular motions on areas (forehead, cheeks, chin) so that it does not dry out and the application is perfect.
Did you find a brush that would be an addition to your brush set? Which one is it? Share your impressions if you have used our Ewa Shmith brushes!
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