5 steps to perfect brows

5 steps to perfect brows - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

"Depend" Perfect Eye - Eyebrow Duo Styler. Brow wax and shape correcting pencil.

What is in it exactly?


Shape correcting pencil. Amount of corrector - 1.2g. A universal shade that will suit light skin (adjusting to the skin shade) and medium tone skin (will highlight the brow bone)

A transparent brow wax. The amount of wax -  - 1.2g


How to use it

1. Mark all the eyebrows with the wax side of the pencil. This will help keep the hairs in one direction. Remember that less is more - don't overdo it with the amount of product! This can make it less durable.
2. Wax serves as a good base for eyebrow shadows. Use an angled brush, such as the Depend Eye Brow Duo Brush, to apply eyeshadow or brow shadow. The brush is fine and precise, so it's easy to shape with it, and the other end has a brush for combing the eyebrows.
3. Marking the lower line on the outer part of the eyebrow will mask imperfections and small hairs. To get a perfect result, correct your eyebrows before applying make-up.
4. Marking the bottom line for the inner part of the eyebrows will give you a perfect shape. With the corrector, mark along the upper line of the eyebrows to highlight the shape more.
5. Blend with your finger or a brush. With your finger, you will get a faster and smoother result, because the heat of your fingers spreads the product evenly. With a brush, you will get a thicker coating and a more accurate spread.

The end result - hidden imperfections, highlighted eyebrows and a perfect shape.

In conclusion:

"Depend" eyebrow wax and corrector pencil will be suitable for those people who do not want to spend a long time in front of the mirror in the morning, but cannot leave the house without coloring their eyebrows. Also for those who only need to "control" their eyebrows and lighten the browbones or the inner corners of the eyes to make the look of the eyes more lively. On the other hand, it will not be suitable for people with very oily skin, as skin sebum can reduce the durability of the product.

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