New in! Depend Brow Lift Illusion eyebrow wax

New in! Depend Brow Lift Illusion eyebrow wax

Natural, thick eyebrows have been a make-up trend for several years now. But what to do if you still want to "control" them a bit? Although smoothing the eyebrows with products such as soap (there are also special eyebrow soaps for this purpose), a glue stick, eyebrow gels, etc. is not new to the makeup industry, eyebrow lamination has started its victory march in the beauty industry in recent years. So the smoothing effect last for weeks.

What is brow lamination or brow lift?

It is a semi-permanent procedure that smooths the eyebrow hairs in the desired direction using a special fixing product. In this way, controlling, straightening or creating a perfect shape with additional volume is achieved. Compared to permanent eyebrow procedures, the procedure is fast, painless, and the result lasts up to 4/6 weeks. It is also relatively safe, but excessive, continuous eyebrow lamination can make the eyebrow hairs more fragile. The middle price here in Latvia for this procedure is around 30-40eur.

What if I don't want or don't know if the result of lamination will suit me?

Then make-up products will be useful for you, with which you can achieve a similar effect everyday. One of them is a novelty - 'Depend' Brow Lift Illusion eyebrow wax, which is available in our e-shop in 4 different shades suitable for all hair colors.

With this product, you can also correct previously laminated eyebrows or create a laminated eyebrow look every day if you do not want to do the procedure. It will look natural, because you can vary the amount of product and how you apply it to your eyebrows.

How to use:

  • Take the required amount of product on the eyebrow brush included in the set. It is better to start with less and add as needed;
  • Starting from the inner part of the eyebrows, apply the product, combing the hairs upwards;
  • Approaching the middle and outer part of the eyebrows, comb the eyebrow hairs diagonally upwards or in the direction you want;
  • With one movement, when there is no more product in the brush, smooth the upper part of the eyebrows;
  • You can also evenly apply the product to all eyebrow hairs against the direction of hair growth and then comb the hairs as indicated in the video tutorial:

What beauty influencers are saying about Brow Lift Illusion:

Sabīne (@sabinekaleja): Shade Soft Brown. "Wow, with this you can definitely achieve the effect of laminated eyebrows. Really, really cool. This product is not completely for me, because there are no eyebrow hairs in the outer corners, but I can recommend it to ladies who have eyebrows along their entire length and like the effect of laminated eyebrows"

Madara (@callmemaddieofficial): "Shade 'Soft Brown' perfectly matches cool-blond eyebrow hairs. This eyebrow wax is perfect. It combs so well and sets immediately. My eyebrows look as good as ever - beautiful, beautifully combed, everything stays in place, every hair is beautifully fixed, but at the same time it also looks natural enough and it doesn't look like I have glue combed into my eyebrows. I can definitely recommend it and this will be one of my TOP eyebrow products."

Arīna (@ariinabeauty): "I liked the eyebrow gel. It has a very good pigment and is long-lasting. You have to choose the shade properly, because they are a little darker than in the picture. I am very happy that the set comes with a brush, I have noticed that other products do not have it. The product is so pigmented enough to last for a long time as only a small amount is needed per application. Ladies who like to wax their brows will love it."

Gatis (@liftingbrushes): "The most suitable shade for my blonde hair is 'Taupe'. The eyebrow wax has a medium-strength fixation, which will be especially useful after an already performed eyebrow lamination procedure for using between appointments. However, it will not be suitable for very unruly and thick eyebrow hairs. The complete drying time is 3 minutes, while can still be fixed as you wish."


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