Review: Byphasse Hair Pro shampoo and hair mask.

Review: Byphasse Hair Pro shampoo and hair mask. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Taking care of colored hair ir noticeably more complex that taking care of natural hair. Firstly, the hair color changes – bleached hair gets a yellow tone, so you have to use toning products, but dark hair or red hair fades and also gets a yellowish undertone. Also sun exposure changes darker hair more than it affects light hair. Secondly, a regular hair dyeing with permanent hair colors changes the structure of the hair. Ammonia, which is in the ingredient list in so many hair dyes, opens the hair cuticle to let the hair dye get deeper into the hair, while peroxide bleaches out the natural pigment of the hair, so that the hair can soak up the new pigment. A regular opening of the hair structure tears down the keratin in the hair, which is a proteins that builds the hair. That’s why hair becomes dry, brittle, frizzy, more tangly.

So it is very important that the shampoo and conditioner you use:
1. is less drying;
2. protects the hair color from fading;
3. has an UV filter;
4. moisturizes the hair to make brushing it out easier.
For 10 years I have lived with brown coloured hair. From chestnut brown to almost black hair. In those years I’ve had some revelations about what I am searching for in my hair care products, and they have changed a lot during those times.

The first rule is that I don’t use those so called “box dyes”, but I use professional hair colors that in the end doesn’t make the expenses larger. Taking notice that the hair color lasts longer and doesn’t traumatize the hair structure as much as box dyes do.
The second rule is a very moisturizing conditioner that helps to smooth the ends. Even if it is not the most expensive with luxury ingredients. Believe me, I have used a lot of different hair conditioners, and only some of them have stood out with a lasting smoothing effects on the hair.

One of them is this Hair Pro hair mask for coloured hair.

Yes it contains silicons, but the hair is smooth and easier to brush. For me, who has brittle hair, it is very important, because I will try to cherish every hair that has grown longer. And this smoothing effect lasts until the next hair washing time. It could seem that very moisturizing hair masks could make hair heavy and oily but this one doesn’t do that.
Take notice – the shower floor can become very slippery.
I also use this hair mask for shaving. You may have heard that hair conditioners can be used as chaving cream replacement. It works. Especially because this hair mask works very quickly. No irritation, no ingrown hairs and very smooth legs as a result.

The shampoo is “ok”. A very big plus is the large and generous packaging – a one litre bottle.
It has a light smoothing effect. Quickly cleans the hair and doesn’t leave it feeling dry. Of course I change up my hair products periodically so that the scalp doesn’t get accustomed to a certain kind of ingredients.
The scent for both of these products is a classic hair care product aroma. It is pleasantly unnoticeable, but lasts for about two days.

It is nice that these products contain an UV filter, which helps protecting the hair from sun rays during the summer time. Of course in combination with other hair products that contain UV filter. Like Illumy Light Oil or Byphasse hair oil for colored hair.

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