User opinion: Direct Pastel hair dye.

User opinion: Direct Pastel hair dye. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

When you bleach it, make it peach.

There is an advantage with bleaching your hair - you can try all the possible hair colors, especially pastel tones. All you've got to do is choose the next color, because semi-permanent tones are not something that is a long-term commitment. In this article - about Baiba's (@baibaeleonora) experience with Direct Pastel hair dye in the shade Peach.


"I think that I have found MY hair tone. I adore it! I don't say it as an advertisement, because I share things that I actually like. And dyeing my hair is a fun part of my life. And this hair color positively surprised me. I am happy with the result I got, and I think that I will keep this tone and will buy a few more of these. What I liked the most about it:

• the color is a cream and is ready for use; no need to mix anything;
• it is natural and vegan friendly;
• it doesn't have that unpleasant hair dye smell. It has a scent, maybe someone wouldn't like it, but I liked it, reminds me of shampoo; 
• it doesn't stain the skin. It was a joy, because since I colored my hair myself, all the forehead was in hair dye;
• it doesn't contain ammonia and parabens; 
• hair after coloring is not dried out; 
• the price doesn't differ from other brands, and since this is a professional hair dye with natural ingredients, I think it is way more beneficial;

Only you have to keep in mind that hair has to be super light to achieve results. On dark blonde hair this color would not probably show up that good. For my hair it took two full tubes of this color, and nothing was spare.
I suggest you to try out these hair dyes."

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