User opinion: Depend false lashes.

User opinion: Depend false lashes. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store


I would definitely buy these false lashes again. I personally really liked “Charisma” lashes, their quality and beautiful look. I especially likes that the seem is thicker tha other lashes’. And every set comes with a high quality and long-lasting lash glue, so I will buy these again. 

Lashes "Charisma"

Comparing with other brands, these lashes are easy to use, they are light and pleasant feeling on the eyes. The glue didn’t cause irritation like other brand glues do sometimes. The only thing I noticed was that it didn’t come off completely when removing the lashes, a small amount was left of the lash line, which made the removal process a bit harder.

Actually I was pleasantly surprised by these lashes. I had previously used only Depend lash glue, but it was my first time using lashes from them. But I was truly happy about the quality of these lashes.
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