User opinion: Depend eye lashes.

User opinion: Depend eye lashes. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Ieva (@makeupbyievap) tried Depend lashes - Wispy.


"I would buy these lashes again, because I like how they look. They fit my eyes perfectly, so I don't have to cut the seam line. I am not so sure about the eyelash tweezers, because it felt tight and not convenient to use. While applying the eyelashes, I fixed the corners of the lashes with my fingers anyways. I was hoping it would be more handy for use.

The lashes are good quality - I can compare them to MAC lashes; they are similar both visually and by comfort. if I have to choose between Depend and MAC lashes, I would purchase Depend, because they are significantly cheaper, but the look is the same.

The glue that comes with Depend lashes is as good if not even better than Due lash glue. It is steady and tacky, so the lashes stick to eyelids almost instantly. Also it doesn't have the unpleasant smell that a lot of lash glues have." 

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