How to keep hands and nails healthy and beautiful

How to keep hands and nails healthy and beautiful - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Spring is approaching. We will put the gloves deep in the closet, but what to do if the skin, cuticles and nails of the hands still do not look as we would like or suffer from discomfort due to the change of weather, wind and heating season? We have a few suggestions to keep your hands feeling and looking flawless.

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Why do we have to take care of our hands more at this point?

Although this winter has not been as cold compared to others, the environment, humidity and temperature fluctuations both outdoors and indoors leave an impression on the moisture level of the skin of the hands. Blood circulation slows down in the cold, as a result of which the hands are not supplied with the necessary amount of fatty substances for natural skin moisturizing from the inside, the skin's elasticity is lost. Hands are exposed to external conditions the most, because they are washed more often, they are also exposed to the effects of household chemicals, and they are not always protected with hand cream or gloves outdoors. Hands are the fastest visual indicator of aging, so you need to take care of the skin of your hands in a timely manner.

Gentle hand washing

Due to the diseases caused by viruses and bacteria that travel around, we have gotten used to washing our hands often, but even though we are more protected from getting sick, our hands and fingernails suffer. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands properly to reduce hangover.

• Wash your hands in warm water;

• Use liquid soap, which is more gentle, preferably with moisturizing action;

• Dry your hands in a soft terry towel and avoid paper napkins, as they both dry and irritate the skin of the hands;

• After each hand wash, use a moisturizing hand cream, at least on top of the palms and nails, to maintain their flexibility.

Choose a hand cream that is effective and pleasant to use

Before going to bed, use a nourishing cream that will allow the skin to regenerate during the night. But 20 minutes before going outside, use a protective cream that will create a barrier and help protect the skin from the wind. If you look at the composition, you will most likely find glycerin and vegetable oils as moisturizing ingredients, plant extracts, nourishing butters, vitamins.

In order for the hand cream to be better absorbed, once a week the skin of the hands should be freed from dead skin cells using peeling. You can also make it yourself, using a binder (hand cream, some oil) and exfoliating particles (sugar, coffee). Massage into the skin in circular motions and rinse with warm water.

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Masks - not only for the face

To combat the roughness and dryness of the skin of the hands, use a mask, nourishing hand cream, some time of oil or shea / cocoa butter on the hands. When there is time for 15-20 minutes of rest or before sleep, apply it, wrap it with a film and put on cotton gloves. A warm, closed environment will allow for more intensive absorption of moisture.

For the beauty of hands and nails

• Palm and wrist exercises and hand massage should be performed to promote blood circulation. This will help improve circulation, allowing nutrients and heat to reach the nail plate. This will stimulate nail growth. In winter, nails grow more slowly, so increasing blood circulation is important. Do not forget about a healthy diet and sufficient fluid intake. Use vitamins or the necessary preparations, because their lack is reflected in the appearance of the nails (for example, the lack of iron shows in the appearance of dull and concave nails) and help the immune system to fight viral diseases, because the disease, like stress in the body, creates an imbalance and diverts the reserves, leaving the nails (and hair follicles) as the last priority.

• Try not to injure the nails (especially when doing a manicure), because if you injure the root, which is the living part of the nail, pits, ridges, and deformation will appear in the nails after a while.

• It should be noted that household chemicals are not gentle on the skin and nails of the hands, so be sure to wear rubber gloves when doing housework.

• Use a nail polish remover that is not aggressive.

 For example this one from Depend:

depend nail polish remover

Take care of your cuticles

First, keep your nails in a warm bath. Add sea salt or oils to it. Also exfoliate the nails. It will get rid of excess skin cells, making room for better absorption of moisturizing substances. Then apply Cuticle Peeling and push them back with an orange manicure stick or Cuticle Pusher.

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Apply Myrrh & Avocado Nail Oil or Nail and Cuticle Cream and massage each nail. Cuticle oil can be used often, especially if work allows it. If you work at the computer, keep it on the table so you don't forget about it and apply it to your nails when you have free time.

Nail and Cuticle Cream

depend nail oildepend nail oil

Nail strengthener - shield for the nails

At the end of the classic manicure at home, nail strengthener should be applied. This will help the nails to grow stronger and more beautiful in the future. In our range you will find various nail strengtheners and remedies - solutions to various problems, such as breakage, yellowing. Nails will also be protected from minor injuries and abrasions by nail polish. Choose a classic transparent nail polish with a shade or one of the gel polishes in our wide range.

depend nail strengthener

We have created an assortment so that you always feel good and look great! You will find everything you need for beauty care at home in the Crystal Cosmetics e-store.

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