Best cosmetics top of magazine "Ieva" 2022

Best cosmetics top of magazine "Ieva" 2022 - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

The end of the year is often spent reminiscing about what was experienced, achieved and done during the year. We have also done a lot to bring you a range of established products as well as new products that are not only high quality but also wallet friendly. Some of them have also entered the cosmetics list "Ieva's best cosmetics 2022" and have earned recognition from users. You can read reviews about these products below.

Depend Gel iQ Start Kit

Gel iQ is a gel polish of the latest UV/LED technology, which can be used at home to get perfectly shiny nails in 5 simple steps - the whole procedure will take only 30 minutes. Vegan formula, does not contain ingredients derived from animals. Lacquer durability - up to 14 days.

Readers' rating:

"I do my own manicure, until now I painted my nails with ordinary varnish, and this is a perfect discovery for me. The set is very well thought out, everything is understandable even for beginners: on each bottle there is a number, which step it is, everything is well explained in the pictures. The varnishes are very good apply and are very persistent - up to 3 weeks. I also liked that the set is small and you can take it with you anywhere." Illumy Light Oil

A shine-enhancing oil in an aerosol packaging suitable for dull or colored hair. The oil is enriched with Luminescine, which is obtained from the verbascum flowers of the Mediterranean plant. This active ingredient absorbs UV rays. The composition also contains goji berries, and all this guarantees hair protection, shine, and long-lasting hair color.

Readers' rating:

"I liked the product very much. My hair is dyed and permed, in the summer it looked dry, dull, lacked shine when exposed to the sun. From the first time I started using this oil, my hair shines, looks alive. The oil is very easy to spray, it has a light, unobtrusive scent. Will definitely buy this product again."

BYPHASSE Micellar Water for dry and sensitive skin

Two in one: makeup remover and toner. This product contains micelles (small surface-active particles) that ensure gentle and effective removal of cosmetics and daily impurities from the face, lips and skin around the eyes. Does not contain soap, parabens and dyes. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Large (500ml) volume bottle.

Readers' rating:

"Very mild, unobtrusive fragrance, perfectly performs its function by removing makeup. I use both mascara and foundation every day, and this product cleans everything perfectly, leaving the skin feeling clean. I use this product in the morning before face cream, there is no need for tonic. Ideal for sensitive skin. Excellent product quality and price ratio."

Depend Faux Mink lashes "Nova"

Luxury class decorative eyelashes - thick, long, flexible, with perfect curl. Perfect to create an irresistible look. The more carefully you treat the decorative eyelashes, the more times they can be used.

Readers' rating:

"So far, my first experience with artificial eyelashes. A good option if the natural eyelashes are not very long. These are easy to apply and durable, very useful if, for example, you plan to go to a two-day event, then you can safely leave the mascara at home. "

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