Get ready for graduation with Depend!

Get ready for graduation with Depend!

Summer - full of happy events and beautiful moments. Are you about to graduate from school or university and want to look your best and confident? In this post, we will share recommendations on how to prepare for the big day - graduation - at home.

In the Depend range, you will find many different products that allow you to perform beauty treatments at home, for example:

♥ Gel polish manicure and pedicure set GeliQ;

♥ Eyebrow make-up products, as well as sets for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes;

♥ Various beauty accessories;

♥ False eyelashes and nails.

Buy the products in time so that you don't have to try them at the last minute and you can have time to practice using them!

What to do with brows?

Around a week prior.

About a week before the prom, brows dyed with Depend lash and brow color will have lost enough intensity that the effect won't be too noticeable on the day of the event, but the brow hairs themselves will almost look like they've just been dyed. The result of eyebrow color lasts up to 6 weeks. If necessary, you can also use the color on the eyelashes. Then, use eyebrow tweezers or an eyebrow razor to get rid of excess hair around the eyebrows, if any.

Here you can find our blog post about brow colouring process. 

(By the way, you can get rid of peach fuzz on your cheeks with an eyebrow razor with light movements, which will help your face makeup look as smooth as possible. Don't worry, the hairs won't grow thicker and darker.)

On day of the event

Eyebrows are the frame of our face that presents visual image and mimicry, so they are the focus of attention. With a special eyebrow brush, the eyebrows are combed up and then down, and the empty places with the Depend eyebrow pencil are marked with light movements in the direction of hair growth.
To make them look flawless throughout the day, with Brow Lift Illusion eyebrow wax or Tint & Shape eyebrow mascara, fix them in the desired direction - up and diagonally.

What to do with nails?

A day prior

Do a gel polish manicure at home. It will take only half an hour of your time and will leave more time for other preparation procedures. It will also save you money in the long run. The price of one such GeliQ starter kit is worth one visit to a manicurist, but you can change your manicure as often as you want, as well as perform a pedicure without leaving home. The result will last up to 2 weeks. All that remains is to choose shades from the wide range of Depend Gel iQ.

On day of the event

If you are not "you" with nail polish, but you know that you want your nails to look effective and perfect on the day of graduation, choose adhesive nails. Glue is also included in the set of artificial nails. You can take them off after a long, eventful day.

What to do with lashes?

A week prior

So that your look will also enchant those sitting in the last rows of the school hall, but you don't want to grow eyelashes, choose Depend artificial adhesive eyelashes. Find the ones that visually attract the most and give the expected effect directly to your eyes and personality. Examples of eyelashes at the eyes and cut off the excess length, starting from the outer corners. Practice gluing eyelashes with the eyelash glue included in the set and buy an eyelash applicator - tweezers for easier gluing.

On day of the event

Create your favorite makeup, which you have practiced before, so you know that it will last flawlessly during the day. If you don't know how to use eye shadow, don't worry, because a light shimmer on the eyelids is enough for a fresh day make-up. The main accent in the eye make-up will be artificial eyelashes. Glue them as close to the lash line as possible to make them look as natural as possible. However, if you want the connection point to be completely invisible, use the same eyebrow brush and brown eyeshadow to mark the lash line, thus making the look even more expressive. Here will be a blog post with a tutorial on gluing eyelashes.

We hope these tips will be useful for your big day!
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