Hair care and styling products for men

Hair care and styling products for men

Hair is not only the most beautiful accessory for women, but also for men - beautiful hair definitely raises self-confidence, and everyone should spoil themselves at least once in a while. Therefore, it is also necessary to choose good hair cosmetics. If you are looking for a gift for a man, want to pamper your significant other or you are a man looking for hair care and styling products for your daily use, read on.

What to use for hair washing?

Hair care begins with a thorough and regular shampooing of the scalp and hair to cleanse the scalp of dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Maximum efficiency and speed are important for men, so a shampoo-shower gel will be useful. Genera has several ones to choose from:

genera man

Genera Blue Water Shower Shampoo <

Genera Energizing Shower Shampoo <

Genera Rejuventing Shower Shampoo <

If you want professional hair care cosmetics like from a salon, choose These unisex shampoos will give you the expected effect and make your hair smell good and leave you feeling fresh. The hair will be properly cleansed without drying it out, which is especially important if you tend to experience scalp irritation or itching.
Anti-age shampoo will neutralize yellow tones in gray and light hair, while High Energy with taurine and menthol will refresh the scalp.

sensus Anti-Age Shampoo < High Energy Shampoo <

Worries about hair thinning or dandruff?

In order to fight hair loss, preventive measures should be taken - head massage for blood circulation and supply of nutrients to the hair. And preparations to promote hair growth should be used. They are different, and in our e-store you will find Tools Leave In Energizer Platinum ampoules.

sensus tools Tools Leave In Energizer Platinum <

"A hair care treatment that helps prevent hair loss. Enriched with wheat proteins, garden sage extract, trace elements and nettle extract, it makes hair healthier and more durable. Revitalizes the scalp, protects against hair loss and has cleansing and stabilizing properties."

They are easy to use - after washing the hair, pour the contents of the ampoule in the roots of the hair and massage it into the scalp. You will feel a slight cooling sensation, which will disappear after drying. Dry and style as usual.

Hair styling products for men

Choosing hair styling products is a matter of taste. Whether it will be gel, paste, powder, pomade, wax - it is up to you. The T@BU Man line will have everything you need with various strengths of fixation: T@BU Man Sculpting Gel 57 < T@BU Man Up Black 30 Volumizing Powder < T@BU Man Flex Wax 4 <

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