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Hair and winter

Our hair deserves as much care as our skin. The effects of winter’s heating season’s dried out air at home is dry and split hair ends and loss of moisture in the scalp. No doubt that winter has sucked our energy and vitamin reserves that mirrors in a tired looking facial skin, scalp, hair and nails. Maybe they have become dull-looking, they are harder to comb through, more brittle, and maybe, how it is very common in the spring time, - they fall out a bit more than usual.

Take care of yourself

It is important that not only after the long winter and tiring spring you wait for the effect of hair care products, but you have to pay attention to a healthy food intake and lifestyle in general. Eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, go outside in the fresh air, do at least light workouts, because it will help your body providing cells with oxygen, improving metabolism and taking care that the hair follicles have gotten the necessary vitamins that - yes, you’re right - improve hair growth.

The change of seasons causes for either skin and hair to adapt, and when the summer is already knocking on the window and the sun shines even more, you have to change up the products on your bathroom shelves. Switch them for  things that are relating to the actualities of the season to achieve more brighter looking and shinier, healthier hair, and you – to bloom once again!

Avoid surfactants

To help the scalp not lose the moisture levels and balance, you have to take a look at the ingredient list of your shampoo – a lot of them contain sulfates (f.e. Sodium Laureth Sulfate) that are surfactants. They withdraw natural oils from the skin, and you can develop a dry skin, allergies, irritation and itchiness.

We suggest you to try out these hair care products:

Illumyna Nutri Discipline shampoo – Hairlovers

Nutri Discipline shampoo is a nourishing and hair structure controling shampoo that contains vegetal keratin and hydrolyzed quinoa. Specially suitable for medium thick and thick hair that is dry and fuzzy. Shampoo gently cleanses the hair, leaving it silky soft and easilly brushable and stylable, also gives them volume. It protects the hair, gives elasticity, protects from moisture that causes fuzziness.

The ingredients are vegan friendly and doesn’t contain silicones, SLS/SLES, parabens. Suitable for professional use.
Made it to the magazine “Ieva” in the best cosmetics top.
Made in Italy.
Size: 250ml.
Buy Nutri Discipline shampoo on our e-store.

Nutri Discipline shampoo contains natural ingredients – quinoa and vegetal keratin.

Why these active ingredients give the shampoo its benefits?

Firstly, vegetal keratin is made from 18 different amino acids, it strengthens the hair, improve its elasticity, make it durable to the environmental impact and mechanical damage. Secondly, quinoa contains proteins that protect, strengthen the hair and make the hair color more lasting.

Specially suitable for those whose hair tend to get static, whose hair is dull-looking with a tendency to knot and become hard to brush. It smooths the hair, making it easily manageable. For a perfect result, use it together with Nutri Discipline hair mask

When you go outside in the sun, you will not only improve your vitamin D levels that are so important for overall health and immune system, but your baby hairs that are starting to grow in the springtime will be more ready to take in the sun exposure. But there are products that will help the hair not to fight the UV rays alone.

Illumy Light Oil from Hairlovers

Illumy Light Oil from Hairlovers in a spray bottle. It provides UV protection and gives dull-looking and colored hair some shine. UV filter thanks to Luminescine provides protection from UV ray radiation, that is especially important during the warm seasons of the year. Why? Because you have to be careful with sun exposure not only our skin, but our hair as well. Our hair attracts the sun rays because of the color, and, how we know, sun makes the hair lighter. If we want for our hair color to last and our hair to be healthy, then we have to take care of a “SPF for hair” before we go out.

What is Luminescine?

It is a natural COSMOS ORGANIC approved ingredient that is derived from a plant Verbascum Thapsus. It has the ability to absorb UV rays, while reflecting the light at the same time. The good impact of Luminescine is the reason why it is used in innovative beauty products to give hair some extra shine. Goji extract in this spray nourishes the hair and gives them vitamins and amino acids, leaving the hair healthy and more durable to the impacts of environment.

This is going to be a perfect product to use not only before going to the beach, but also for everyday use and for professional use at the salon.

The light spray is usable in both damp and dry hair before styling and is perfect for using before hair straightening with hot tools. The hair becomes shiny, but is not weighed down and oily. The color is more vibrant and brighter.

Suitable for professional use.
Vegan friendly
Made in Italy
Size: 125ml
Buy Illumy Light Oil online

BYPHASSE hair color protecting oil with UV ray filter

Enriched with peony, orange blossom, rose and rosemary extracts. Protects and revitalizes colored hair. Result: bright, protected and silky hair ends. How to use it? Squeeze the needed amount of product on your palm and rub it between your hands. Smooth it in the hair gradually starting from middle focusing on the ends, avoiding the roots.
The first ingredient in the list is sunflower seed oil – rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. In combination with soy bean oil and plant extracts it is a moisturizing, smoothing and protecting product that will give protection from UV rays during the summer months.

I was happily surprised about its ability to smooth the hair and control the frizzy ends, while not making the hair heavy and oily, also my hair doesn’t lose volume. It gives a healthy shine to the dry ends.
You can use it in either wet hair and dry hair. If you use the oil in wet hair, it distributes more evenly and keeps the moisture locked in your hair. Afterwards you can let it dry naturally or use a hairdryer.
If you use it in dry hair, be careful not to put too much product in, and concentrate on the ends of the hair, brush it out thoroughly, so that it glides through the hair evenly.
Touching the hair, it is not oily, how it is usually when using pure oils like coconut or argan oil, and it doesn’t leave stains on pillows and clothing.
It is suitable for using after washing the hair and between washes – before styling, to avoid frizz, to smooth hairstyles and to tame baby hairs.
Made in Spain.

Check out BYPHASSE hair products.

Find the right brush for your hair

If you are looking for a new hair brush, we suggest trying any of the Zenner Eco friendly line brushes that are made out of bioplastic. During the times when we should be more aware of the waste problem in the wolrd, the things we use daily should ne long–term use or they should be made form materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Using this hair brush is comfortable – it doesn’t pull as much and doesn’t scrape the scalp. The thinned out bristles let you gently brush wet hair as well.
These and a lot more products are worth trying out during the warm months.
Has spring brought changes in your product arsenal?
Share – what are your spring / summer beauty rituals!
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