Review: Depend false lashes.

Review: Depend false lashes. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

False lashes may seem scary and difficult, and tricky, and uncomfortable, and, and...
But it doesn't have to be that way!
What is necessary, is a little bit of practice, and you are going to learn how to apply them on yourself effortlessly.

Lashes "Maria"

Lash individuals. These have to be in wedding makeup artist kits at all times, because not only they are a perfect addition to bridal makeup, but also they add dimension, cat eye effect and expressiveness to any eye makeup for night time or for photoshoots. Also for day makeups these can be a must-have.

How it is with all "Depend" lashes, they come with a lash glue that is not only for one time use. The small tube is closable and it will not dry out till the next use. Also it is convenient to take with you on the go to do touchups later in the day if necessary.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients (usually for lash glues it is latex), do a patch test on a part of the body that is not that exposed a day before applying the lashes.

Squeeze a small amount of glue on a palette or another surface - for me the most handy are the lash packaging. The unused glue is easy to remove from the surface once it is dry.

Using either a special lash applicator or a regular tweezer (most importantly that it is able to hold the lash tightly), carefully remove the lash cluster from the packaging and put the seem in the lash glue. It is important to hold the cluster as close to the seem as possible. That way you will avoid accidentally ruining the lash because of pulling one individual hair, that way it is not usable anymore.

Don't be scared because the lash glue is blue! When it dries, it becomes translucent. Before you glue down the lashes, wait for the glue to become a little bit tacky. This way you will avoid getting it on your lids and the risk of ruining your makeup. If you apply the lashes on yourself, you can blow on them, if you apply them on others - fan them a bit.

Starting from the outside corner, glue down the necessary amount of lash individuals next to each other with a small gap as close to the natural lashes as possible. It will help if you already applied mascara, because you will be able to see where some extra volume is needed. While a liquid liner or eye shadow will help hiding imperfections.

While the glue has not completely dried, you can manage to adjust the lashes using a tweezer so that they stand in the right direction.

So that the artificial lashes blend together with natural ones nicely, you can apply another coat of mascara. Don't worry - mascara wand won't ruin everything you just did, because the lash glue is strong enough to hold artificial lashes in place.

To hide the glue, use a small brush to apply a liner or eye shadow.

End result - natural lashes but accented and elongated outside corners. You can apply lash individuals on the whole lash line, but remember that the shorter ones go in the inside corners of the eyes, but longer towards the outer corners. You can always cut off the excess length if needed.

Skropstas "Jessica".

An amazing addition to everyday and also wedding make-up that will not be too striking and pronounced, but will give the effect needed.

You can apply the glue straight from the tube. It is important to apply the glue equally on the whole seem line, but to add extra on the ends. Why? Because the inner and outer corners tend to have a bigger risk to detach from the skin during the day because of facial expressions, tears and touching.

"Sit down" the lash on your lash line, attaching the middle part first and then release.

Using tweezers adjust both ends. It is important to glue down the inner corner perfectly where it fits and looks natural and harmonic. But the outer lashes should "look" upwards, not downwards. Correctly put lashes will not irritate the eyes and will be so comfortable you will not feel them.
Try on the lashes before the application to make sure the seem line is not longer than your eyes. Cut off starting from the outer part if needed.

Result - a cute Bamby look with a natural makeup and a flirty romantic look with a smokey make-up. Universal lashes for different events.

Lashes "Rebecka"

If you want to achieve a doll-eyes look, these will be the ones. They not only look good by themselves, but they can be used together with "Maria" lash individuals or "Jessica". It is called "double-stacking" - combination of two or more lashes to achieve a more dramatic look.

What kind of lashes do you prefer? Individuals or full lashes? And is it easy for you to apply them yourself?

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