Jasmin Secret

Jeanne en Provence honours Jasmine for its new cosmetic line formulated with 95% of natural ingredients. A year of research and development were required to bring together naturalness and sensory appeal. A genuine perfumery jewel, jasmine is a symbol of the Grasse region. It’s at dawn that jasmine gives out its most exquisite fragrance. It’s at this time, at the end of the summer, that the precious flowers must be picked, by hand and quickly, to guarantee a maximum content in essence. It takes no less than 700 kg of flowers to produce 1 kg of absolute, a genuine jasmine concentrate. This so painstaking harvest makes this flower one of the noblest essences in perfumery and the pride of the Grasse region. Jasmine today remains an eternal symbol of feminine beauty. A flower of mystery, it embodies sensuality, delicacy and elegance.