Vaseline, Pure White 100ml

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Kräuterhof Vaseline is pure, white and complies with German pharmacopoeia quality. Pure white Vaseline protects, nourishes and prevents cracked skin. Famous for all-weather protection and baby care.


It is ideally suited for severely irritated and dry skin. The active ingredient of calendula has been well known as a natural remedy for more than 100 years.

The vaseline-based ointment is a proven skin protection product and can be used to care for the skin, hands and brittle lips.


100 ml

Why it is awesome

• Vaseline meets the requirements, Complies with the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB);

• Pure, white;

• Cares for and protects the skin;

• Prevents chapped skin;

• All-weather protection and baby care;

• German pharmaceutical quality;

• Free from preservatives and perfume.

Directions for use

Apply for skin protection, also suitable for baby care



Made in Germany