Très Jolie Tanning 200ml

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The Intense Tan Preparer Lotion is a tan accelerator that prepares the skin for the natural tanning process under UV light (tan accelerator). The tan accelerator ensures that the skin is quickly browned in the sun or in the solarium. At the same time, skin is cared for without drying out while tanning.  


200 ml


The tan accelerator contains the ProCell System, which suppresses the formation of harmful substances and strengthens the skin barrier. Thus, the sun tan lotion prevents the transepidermal water loss and skin moisture is retained (anti-aging effect). The effectiveness of this skin care product is additionally enhanced by mild Avocado Oil, which stimulates the cell production in the skin and nourishes and repairs damaged skin. The Vitamins contained in the tan accelerator help the skin to store moisture. Innovative drug chains such as The DerMoist Complex, which are part of the tan accelerator, allow for the highest regeneration values and are quickly absorbed without leaving the skin greasy.

Directions for use

How do I become a healthy brown? Apply the tan accelerator evenly to the skin as daily body care. To intensify the natural browning process, apply the tan accelerator immediately before sunbathing or going to the solarium and allow it to absorb. Do not exceed the skin’s own protection time while tanning. The sun tan lotion does not contain sunscreen and doesn’t protect against sun burn and skin damage caused by UV rays.