Instant Color For Lashes And Eyebrows Brown

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Special product from Depend for anyone wanting to colour eyebrows and lashes quickly, simply and safely. Treatment only takes a few minutes and provides a colour result that lasts for weeks. Depend Instant Colour means you always look smart in the morning, when playing sport, sun-bathing, swimming or whatever else you do. The perfect “natural look mascara”. Available in black, dark brown and brown.


5 ml colour gel (tube)
5 ml activator (bottle)
2 cotton buds
1 mascara brush
10 protective papers
1 protective cream
1 needle

Directions for use

1. Clean your eyebrows and eyelashes thoroughly using mild soap and water to remove grease residues. To achieve the best results, the hair should be dry before treatment commences.
2. Open the tube of colour gel using the accompanying needle (do not cut off the tip).
Care! As this colour gel colours immediately and also sticks to skin, it is important to protect skin areas before commencing treatment. Smooth the accompanying protective cream on to the skin surrounding the eyes. Make sure that the protective cream does not get onto your lashes or brows, as this will ruin the colour result.
3. Apply the protective paper so that it protects the skin during the colouring process.
4. Moisten the cotton bud with the activator liquid (the bottle) and apply it to the eyelashes. Do this twice to ensure they are completely wet. Wait 2 min.
5. Spread a dab of colour gel (tube) evenly over the mascara brush and then apply to the lashes.
6. Make sure you only apply the colour gel to the hairs. Colouring starts immediately. Carefully brush the hairs so that the colour gel completely covers them. Wait 30 sec and then rinse with a little soap and water to remove the gel residues.

Following treatment, clean the mascara brush carefully with water so that it can be used for the next treatment. The colour gel (tube) and the activator (bottle) must never be mixed together, e.g. in a bowl, etc. Instead, they should be applied in accordance with the instructions above.
The colour gel (tube) and activator (bottle) must not come into contact with textiles, furniture, porcelain, etc., as the contents may leave marks that are difficult to remove. The marks will not appear for a few hours. In the event of a spill, rinse and dry immediately. If, despite everything, colour marks appear on the skin during treatment, they will disappear within 2-3 days. Close the tube and bottle securely and store in a dark, cool place. NB: the contents of the activator may darken over time, but that does not affect the quality of the product.

May case allergic reaction. Avoid contact with the eyes. The colour gel (the tube) contains silver nitrate. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water. Keep out of the reach of children.