Bundle For a Beautiful Tan

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A smooth, healthy and beautiful tan is an essential in the summer time. To achieve it try these products:

• Tanning Tropical Sun Oil with Vitamin E, Walnut Husk and Beta Carotene - 2816201

Rich in Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene, it makes your skin elastic, bright and moisturized. Walnut Husk helps to keep the suntan. Non-greasy. WARNING: no sun product is able to protect completely from sun damages. Do not expose for a long time, even if you use a protective product.

• Aloe Vera Care and Fitness Gel - 10453

Moisturizing and can be used for daily regenerative skin care.

The gel provides the skin with many Active ingredients and maintains the natural resilience and suppleness of the skin. It can be used for both normal care of all Skin types and for after-sun care. It leaves a relaxed and supple skin feeling.