Rose Envoutante Body Lotion, 250ml

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Rose Envoutante nourishing body lotion contains Olive Oil of PDO of Haute Provence, Oil infused with Fig and Olive tree bud extract. Symbolic plants of the region, they are recognized for their hydrating properties. Ideal for dry skin, the Rose Envoutante body lotion nourishes your skin and leaves it delicately fragranced.

Contains more than 96% of natural

Made in Provence


250 ml 

Direction for use

The body cream is to be used every day after the shower gel or the moisturizing shower cream from the same range to hydrate and fragrance your skin. Apply to dry skin in circular movements, always from the bottom upwards until total absorption.

Additional aid

To enhance the appearance of your skin even more, do deep massages on your legs and thighs with your body lotion. It is important to stimulate the skin with a palper-rouler technique for example to prevent it from looking tired. You shouldn’t spare your cleavage either: massage it with circular movements.

Product advantages

The fluted bottle is adorned with the brand’s cameo. It has a practical-to-use pump.