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SHAKE UP is a range that has been formulated to camouflage white hair. The intensity of the result can easily be adjusted and development times are short (from 0’ to 20’). Checking progress regularly is recommended. The gradual development of COVER UP means white hair is effectively covered without affecting dark hair. It creates an extremely natural-looking effect and lasts for 2 – 4 weeks with no regrowth effect or undesired color changes.  


4x Cover Up 60ml
4x Silver Up 60ml

Why it is awesome

TAURINE: It’s an amino acid that slows down the ageing process as it combats the free radicals. This feature, together with its intense energizing action, helps reinforce hair, giving fiber new vitality. The taurine in our products is not of animal origin but is synthesized in pharmaceutical laboratories without using any animal derivatives.
ARC: With natural, certified, and innovative ingredients that make the hair’s internal structure stronger. It promotes ionic bonds with the hair’s keratin structure; it penetrates deep into the fiber bringing it back to the levels of virgin hair. A blend of biomimetic vegetable amino acids mimics the activities of the hair’s keratin structure. Strengthens and rejuvenates hair. It has a restorative, multifunctional action optimized to interact at a molecular level in hair. Restores hair fiber

Directions for use

Diagnosis, Mix, Shake, Apply, Wait and Rinse!

After carrying out a careful diagnosis of unwashed hair, prepare 30 g of COVER UP/SILVER UP + 30 g of OXI UP in the applicator bottle provided. Shake gently and apply the mixture without delay over all the hair as if it were a shampoo or only in the areas that need covering, without rubbing the scalp. Comb through and leave to develop until the desired result is obtained. When development time is over, rinse thoroughly and wash hair with ILLUMYNA MAN ANTIAGE SHAMPOO. Always wear disposable gloves when preparing, applying, handling and rinsing the product.