Perfect gellac manicure in 5 easy steps

Perfect gellac manicure in 5 easy steps - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

What is Gel iQ?

It is a new technology gel nail polish that guarantees a perfect result. And most importantly - you can achieve it yourself at home. You will not have to buff or file your nail surface in the process because the formula is created in a way that the nail polish smoothes out on the nail surface after application. Keyword - "iQ". And everyone can find their favorite shade in the total collection of 37 different modern shades.

Gel iQ can be used not only for manicure but also pedicure.

What you will need to apply Gel iQ.

Firstly, you will need a Gel iQ Start Kit - a set of neccessary things for application.

Start Kit includes:

1. Pre-Cleanser to use before application;

2. High Shine Cleanser to use after application;

3. Base Coat;

4. Top Coat;

5. Manicure sticks and a nail file;

6. and UV / LED lamp.

Of course, you will need cotton pads. You can get Byphasse Cotton pads on our e-store.

Step by step - How to?

Step 1 - cleaning the nail.

Soak a cotton pad with Gel iQ Pre-Cleanser. Lightly clean the nail surface with the cotton pad. This step is very important for the longevity of the nail polish, because it removes the natural oils and daily dirt from the nails. Let your nails dry for 30 seconds. And remember - don't touch the nail surface after cleansing.

Step 2 - Base coat application.

Apply a thin coat of Gel iQ Base Coat. Put your nails under the UV / LED lamp and let the polish cure for 30 seconds. 

Step 3 - colored nail polish application.

Choose a preferable shade from the whole collection. Altogether it contains of 37 different modern shades.

Apply a thin coat of colored Gel iQ nail polish and put your nails under UV / LED lamp and let it cure for 30 seconds. Repeat this process - a thin coat of nail polish and curing under the lamp for 30 seconds.

Step 4 - Top coat application.

Apply a thin coat of Gel iQ Top Coat and put your nails under UV / LED lamp and let the Top Coat cure for 30 seconds.

Step 5 - Cleansing after top coat application.

The nail polish application process is almost done. At this moment the nail surface is going to be a little bit sticky. To achieve a shiny result this stickiness has to be removed, so the nail surface has to be cleansed with a cotton pad soaked in Gel iQ High Shine Cleanser. Lightly swipe your nails and let them dry.

Ready! It is that easy!

Result - a flawless finish and durability for 14 days.

What is no less important - it is easy to remove as well. Using one of two provided removal methods:

1. Method with Gel iQ Remover Oil.

2. Method with Gel iQ Remover Nr 2 and Gel iQ Remover Wraps foils.

Gel iQ will be your ally for everyday or holiday manicure needs. Good luck with the application process! Practice makes perfect.

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