Keratin for hair - a favorite in the last years

Keratin for hair - a favorite in the last years - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

The always changing beauty tendencies and new discoveries makes us look more into the ingredient list of the products that we use. Or on the other hand - makes us buy the ones that we have heard something about, we have seen somewhere or the ones that are suggested. It's the case with hair care products that contain keratin. You have definitely heard about keratin hair straightening procedure, the need of keratin for beautiful skin etc. Is that the new miracle cure? 

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is in the cells of our epitelia (and not only - also in the internal organ cells), and it helps creating our nails, hair and outer layer of the skin. Our bodies develop it themselves continuously, and the process is controled by keratinocytes, and (unfortunately for some, luckily for others) this process depends on our genetic code. It is important to take notice that we gain the keratin creating elements from the food we take. So to get beautiful hair, coffee and pastry is not enough.


What helps in the keratin creation process?

For example, the high amount of protein in eggs takes part in creating keratin. Onions and garlic helps creating amoniacid L-cysteine, which is a component of keratin. Also onions contain folate, which helps keeping hair follicules healthy (follicules keep the hair in the scalp - the stronger they are, the longer the hair grows), but salmon and sunflower seed oil contain biotin that helps in the keratin producing process. Respectively, products that contain protein and aminoacids are helpers when it comes to making the hair grow long and healthy, bright. Nothing new here, but you have to remind yourelf that once in a while. 

Who needs it

In beauty industry keratin is advised as a necessary ingredient for people whose hair looks dull, dry and frizzy. The main goal of kreatin treatments is to protect the hair from breaking, heat and dryness. If the hair is often styled with hot tools, unfortunately the natural keratin in the hair can't protect from the heat styling and so the hair becomes more porous and frizzy.

Keratin treatment

An option that is advised by hairdressers is keratin hair treatment or so called Brazilian hair straightening. During the treatment the damaged keratin layers are filled with keratin derived from sheep wool, and afterwards the hair is straightened with a hair straightener. The result is noticeable right away and is long-lasting. 
Different opinions and the price can discourage from doing the treatment. If keratin treatment is not something you want in the near future, you can always choose an alternative - keratin containing hair care products. They will help smoothe the hair, make it shiny and visually more healthy.

Byphasse offers a series of hair care products with keratin.

It contains: 
Hair mask
Hair spray

In CrystalCosmetics range you will find other products with keratin:

• Illumyna Hair mask Nutri Normal & Thick

• Keratin Reconstructor Gold

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