"Stocking stuffers" - small gift ideas.

"Stocking stuffers" - small gift ideas. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

We are approaching Christmas with large and snowy steps. To make the gift purchasing less stressful, we have arranged a collection of products for different kinds of needs.

People can be divided in two groups:

There are the ones who love receiving gifts and there are the ones who love giving gifts. Not the materialism is the main and crucial value that makes us go to the store to fill up our gift bags, but it is the heart-warming sensation that is caused by the joy in the eyes of our loved ones when they receive the gifts. Especially if a personal and creative touch is added to them.

Gifts don't have to be over the top and expensive.

Sometimes the most important things are the small surprises we create for others when they do not expect. That's when small gifts for a friendly price become useful if you have to give gifts to colleagues, or you want to make your own Advent calendar, or you want to fill stocking that hangs by the fireplace with small surprises during the Christmas waiting time.

What in our opinion would be good stocking stuffers also known as small gift to fill the Christmas stockings with?

Nail polishes!

Those can never be too much in someones collection. We sell: 

Gel iQ gel nail polishes (also a Start Kit is available to create a holiday manicure at home). Find it here: Gel iQ Start Kit.

Also O2 nagu laku and 7day nagu laku collections.

Collections also include other nail care and manicure products, accessories and tools.

Suitable shades for holiday manicure:

For skin care enthusiasts:

BYBI Babe Balm Bronze balm for lip and other face zone moisturization with a highlighting effect;

BYBI Strawberry Booster facial oil to make daily face cream more moisturizing. Especially useful for dry skin;

Ewa Schmitt Jade Roller face massage tool.


For hand care:

Depend O2 Hand & Cuticle cream - cream to use to achieve soft hands and moisturized cuticles;
Genera K.O. Germs hand disinfectant to use to protect yourself from viruses and harmful bacteria on your hands.

Useful body care products for winter months:

Krauterhof Horse Balm - a warming balm for sprained muscles;
Krauterhof Pure White Vaseline - pure vaseline for everyday skin care and protection.

For everyday use and traveling:

Byphasse Micellar Water - face cleansing water and makeup remover in one. Travel size.
Byphasse Protection Lip balm - lip balm set. Contains SPF (because the sun protection is necessary also in the winter time). In a hand bag or a pocket - to always have on hand, especially enjoying the winter outside activities.

For exquisite and natural aroma admirers - everyday hand care products:

Jeanne en Provence Lavande solid hand soap;
Every aroma collection offers a different hand cream and solid soap. Anyone can find a suitable one for themselves.

For beautiful nails:

Depend Glass File glass nail file that will last a long time;
Depend Quick Fix nail care kit for a fast action.

For body care:

Genera Bellargan Multipurpose cream - cream for the whole body with argan oil;
Tannymaxx Super Black sachet - body cream with a bronzing effect. Tannymaxx offers a variety of body care products and tanning products in small packets.

Different beauty tools and accessories from Ewa Schmitt:
Pocket Mirror - small size pocket mirror;
Nail clippers - small size nail clippers;
Silicone Face Cleaning Brush - silicone face cleaning brush to use together with face cleanser for a better removal of daily dirt and oils.  

We hope that we helped to find suitable gifts for your loved ones. have a happy, cheerful and bright holiday time and celebration!
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