User opinion: Direct Pastel hair dye.

User opinion: Direct Pastel hair dye. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Pastel tones in hair are really in style at the moment. And it is not only for the brave ones. A light pastel tone can be an accent color, because a semi-permanent hair dye is not something that lasts forever. Here's what Gundega (@madmeowg) has created using two of the Direct Pastel shades: Pink and Blue:

"I am really happy that I got to try out these hair colors. I achieved the result I wanted. Very pretty tones. The scent of these dyes is that good that I wanted to eat them. The blue color is definitely going to last longer than the pink one. To achieve an ombre effect, I used up all of the pink color, to get the gradient purple effect, I used half of the blue tube. Even after 5 hair washing times pink color has almost been washed out, but the blue is still holding on. The lasting power is overall better than other pastel colors I've tried from different brands." 

"I think that I will repurchase these hair dyes, and I have already suggested them to my friends. I would buy them again, because these are the perfect pastel shades that I was looking for, and I got the result that wasn't possible with other colors before. The price is equal to other brands and I think that they are adequate." 
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