User opinion: Jeanne en Provence Verveine Agrumes line.

User opinion: Jeanne en Provence Verveine Agrumes line. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Verveine Agrumes is the perfect product line for those who enjoy lemon-y scents. This line proves that a time in the bathroom can be as refreshing as an ice-cold lemon water on a hot summer morning. 

Hand cream: 

. “The first thing I did opening the box, - I tried out the hand cream. So that the spring didn’t spoil us with a super warm weather, because of temperature changes and cold winds my hand skin has a pulling feeling of dryness. If I don’t count my already well loved scent, then what I lilke the most in this hand cream is that it has a light consistence, and my hand skin is soft even after washing hands. This hand cream is perfect for office workers, because, firstly, if you put it beside your coffee cup which suddenly is empty and you need energy, then the freshness of verbena definitely would cheer up. And the hand cream doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy, so even after using it, I am able to hold a pen and sign important documents. As a person with this kind of job it is very important for me.”

Shower oil:

“Perfect for soft feeling and sunrise lovers. It doesn’t matter if you wake up to go to the seaside to watch the sunrise, or wake up with the first rays of sun, or watch the sunrise in the car on your way to work, the tenderness of the shower oil will get your skin ready for the long day, but the freshness of it will make the early hours of the day especially vivacious. I really like that the shower oil is so tender that even if I forget to put on body lotion afterwards, the skin still feels very soft. I suggest using it on dry skin - massage a small amount of shower oil on the skin and rinse it with warm water. I also suggest using it together with Jeanne en Provence Verveine Agrumes body lotion.”

Body lotion:

“Verveine Agrumes body lotion has a very light consistence that absorbs in the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. The skin becomes soft, and the scent lingers. Body lotion will be perfect for small bathroom owners – it has a convenient dispenser that is easy to use, so it can be put in one place and used from there, so that you don’t have to move other products around to get to it. Also because of the elegant packaging you’ll want to put it in the center of attention as a design element. The scent is so fresh, long-lasting and modern that it will be perfect for those who don’t like to use perfumes. To achieve the best results, I suggest using it after showering with Verveine Agrumes shower oil after every showering.”

Liquid soap:

“These will be perfect for the oblivious people – no more forgotten unwashed hands even after touching door handles and keyboards (known as one of the most popular places for bacteria overgrowth), because -caution!- the fragrance causes addiction, especially for the fans of fresh scents. Liquid soap foams up easily and has a soft consistence. Also 100% natural olive oil in it leaves the hands feeling soft, doesn’t dry them out. The packaging is ellegant and will fit in any bathroom interior. Although the hands after washing them with this soap are very soft, I suggest protecting and nourishing them with a hand cream from this line.”

Solid soap:

“This soap is going to be appreciated even by the ones who don’t usually use solid hand soaps, because I broke my stereotypes of solid soaps because of this particular one. It has a handy round shape that is easy to hold in hands and it doesn’t slide out. The biggest surprise was that my hands were not dried out at all because of the olive oil and plant extracts in it. The only thing is that for me who prefers a strong aroma, I would have wanted a more pronounced scent. The beautiful look of it makes it a perfect addition to a gift.”

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