User opinion: Jeanne en Provence Lavande line.

User opinion: Jeanne en Provence Lavande line. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Viktorija (@viktorija.lash):

"First thing that I noticed about these products was the scent. Lavender scent, of course, is not for everyone’s taste, but those people who like it the same way as me, will appreciate it.
The scent is not too obvious, it is mild, but sometimes I wished that it was even milder, because it lasts long on the skin. I chose this line for everyday use. The product design is very eye-pleasing, and the process of using the products is convenient. These products will be a great gift for someone who appreciates these things. I wouldn’t say that these are the best products on the market, but the quality is very high for the price.
I would definitely repurchase liquid soap and hand cream."

Photo: @viktorija.lash
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