Hair care in the cold period of the year with products

Hair care in the cold period of the year with products

Dry air caused by heating, temperature contrasts between indoors and outdoors, harsh winter weather, clothing - all this and other reasons why hair care in winter may require more care than in the sunny seasons of the year. Briefly about how to make hair care easier in autumn and winter.

Take care of the scalp

Dry air in combination with the skipping of drinking as much water as in other seasons can lead to dehydration of the body, as well as eating more sugar and wheat products, which in turn makes the scalp (and as a result, hair) dry. Itching and dandruff may occur. Drink plenty of liquid, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. If there is no dandruff yet, but you feel itching, use a cleansing shampoo no more than once / once every two weeks, which will free the skin from the possible cause of itching - the layering of hair care and styling products on the scalp. When you feel the need, do some procedure that will balance the scalp. Tools Leave In Energizer Platinum
12 ampule set, 10 ml in each leave in

"A hair care treatment that helps prevent hair loss. Enriched with wheat proteins, garden sage extract, trace elements and nettle extract, makes hair healthier and more durable. Revitalizes the scalp, protects against hair loss, and has cleansing and stabilizing properties."

Wash hair in warm, not hot water

Hot water can injure your already sensitive scalp. This in turn can cause dryness, dandruff, weaken the roots and make the hair frizzy. Since hot water opens the hair follicle and damages the natural keratin layer, the hair color will also fade faster. Choose to wash your hair in slightly warm water (40 degrees) - it will still help to get rid of excess grease and dirt. Use a gentle shampoo that will not irritate the scalp in the long term. In winter, you can also use hair products that make your hair heavier, so when choosing a shampoo, you can look for the words "repair", "moisture", "discipline". set - Nutri Repair

"Nourishing restructuring treatment with vegetable keratin, honey and quinoa. Products ideal for dry, frizzy hair that is often subjected to processing. Gently nourishes the hair, making it silky, while restructuring and deeply moisturizing it." set - Nutri Discipline

"A set of nourishing, structure-controlling products, ideal for medium-thick, dry and very frizzy hair. Deeply nourishes hair, making it silky and more manageable. Adds extra volume and protection to improve elasticity and softness, and protects against humidity."

Use hair oil

You can oil your hair regularly (overnight or at least an hour before washing) using olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, etc., or using special hair oils containing absorption-enhancing substances, peptides, rosemary extract, etc. with the aim of strengthening hair follicles, preventing hair loss, thus promoting hair growth.
Special hair oils are used for the ends of the hair, which will moisturize, control frizzy hair and protect the length of the hair without making it greasy. hair oil Nutri Blend, 60 ml

"Nourishing, restructuring oil for dry and damaged hair. Enriched with Macadamia oil and vegetable keratin. Makes hair healthy-looking, shiny and deeply nourished."

Avoid hot tools

Give freedom to the natural hair structure! Straighteners, curlers and other devices should preferably be left in the bathroom cabinet unless you are preparing for an event. It dries out the hair, making it even more frizzy. It is preferable to use the hair dryer only on the cool air stream, and heat protectants must be used before drying and using other hot devices. Tabu Heat Shield 05, 200 ml for thermal protection

"Smoothing and heat-protecting hair cream for wavy and curly hair. Makes hair styling easy and smooths hair to make styling last longer. Protects hair from heat and humidity. New generation formula not only protects hair from hot appliances, but also makes hair styling easier ."

To fight the static

Use products that will help fight frizz, give hair extra volume and prevent static. Lack of volume, static - we face this when wearing scarves and hats. Volume Lift fluid, 125 ml

"Volumizing fluid for fine and dull hair. Enriched with cotton and bamboo extracts, adds softness and volume to hair and has an antistatic effect."

A medium hold hairspray will also help fight against static. To reduce electrification, blow hairspray into a comb and comb your hair with it. If you style your hair with curlers, be sure to fix the hairstyle with a medium-strong hold hairspray so that the curls last longer. Tabu Rush 33 hair spray, 400 ml

"Medium hold hairspray that fixes and holds the hair in place without making it stiff. The hair can be transformed and combed even after application. Quick and easy to comb out. The latest generation elastic resin in the composition moves with the hair, keeping the style firmly in place."

We hope you discovered something new about products and hair care!

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