Taking care of lips in winter

Taking care of lips in winter

We are going through the time of the year when we feel the need for more intensive lip care. Dry, chapped lips, chapped corners of the lips, wind-irritated skin and a burning sensation - we know all this too well and would like to avoid it. That's why lip care should not be skipped.

We'll share some general tips for lip care.

• Dry lips will be one of the first signs of dehydration - drink fluids and eat a balanced diet, which will provide the body with what it needs;

Use a nourishing lip balm. Renew it several times a day and be sure to choose one that is a pleasure to use - that has a neutral taste, a pleasant smell and a real ability to moisturize and protect the lips. It is especially useful to use it when going outdoors, as well as at night, when it will have a chance to do it's job without interruption.

byphasse moisturising lip balm

Byphasse Moisturizing Lip Balm

Do not bite the dry skin of the lips - this will only increase the cracking and prevent the lips from healing, as you can cause micro traumas.

• Instead, after thoroughly moisturizing the lips, use a lip scrub - bought or homemade. You will get rid of the dead skin cells and improve the effect of lip balm, lips will be soft and the lipstick will glide perfectly.

• Before applying lipstick, apply lip balm and allow it to absorb.

bybi babe balm

BYBI Multi-purpose Babe Balm

How to apply lipstick in winter for long lasting comfortable wear:

  1. Use lip balm and leave it on your lips while applying other makeup products. If you apply the lipstick immediately after applying the balm, it will become too wet and slippery and will not last.
  2. Dry the unabsorbed product with a napkin;
  3. Apply lipstick (in winter, choose more moisturizing lipsticks that do not dry out your lips) and dry your lips with a tissue. This way you will create a base, because the pigment will be attached to the lips, not the moisturizing binders of the lipstick;
  4. Apply another thin layer of lipstick to restore intensity and moisture. Repeat step 3 if necessary.

    • Even some lip products may not contain ingredients that moisturize the skin of the lips. If you have noticed that lipsticks and glosses increase the cracking of the lip skin, avoid using them on a daily basis. Instead, choose a lip balm with a tint or shimmer.

    bybi babe balm bronze

    BYBI Babe Balm Bronze

    • If the air at home is particularly dry, consider purchasing an air humidifier;

    The sun also shines in winter

    • When the sun reflects in the snow, the radiation it creates towards the skin is twice as strong. Both in everyday life and especially if you go skiing in the mountains, you must have a lip balm with SPF in your pocket, so that your active winter vacation is not spoiled by discomfort.

    Byphasse Protecting Lip Balm with SPF 30

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