New Gel iQ nail polishes. Fall and winter inspired manicure.

New Gel iQ nail polishes. Fall and winter inspired manicure. - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Welcome the fall and winter time with a new manicure!

Fall is the season when not only fashion and beauty industries are pulsing with new releases, but also we ourselves want to adapt our personal style. The richness of nature when seasons are changing can inspire for change even if we feel an unquenchable bitterness, saying goodbye to the summertime. 
When it has been such a long time working remotely, and going to schools and universities has been an unreachable dream, nail varnishing and design creation on them was one of the few self-expression ways. Because of that actualities in nail design are here to stay, adding to a classic and modern fall time shade range.

Actualities in manicure design for fall 2021.

1. Shape – almond or ballerina. If you can't manage to grow out your natural nails, choose false nails with adhesive.
2. Design elements - colourful french manicure and curvy lines and shapes. Fall doesn't mean that manicure in classic shades is the only option, because bright colours don't have to be put away in the deepest corners of drawers.
3. Topical shades this year - dark greyish blue, a light sand colour, taupe shade, a light grey and even a light blue.

Don't be afraid to experiment!

Manicure is a part of the whole person's image, and it's a way to introduce new winds in our visual character for unlimited amount of times. You can match it to the newest tendencies, your own apparel, at the same time freely experimenting with brave colour combinations and different nail designs. No doubt that we want to polish our nails more frequently thanks to innovations that allow us to dry the nail polish faster (in seconds) under UV / LED lamps. No more budging and smearing and no more continuous mistake correction. If patience is not your best friend, gel nail polishes are meant for you.

Try something new as often as you want!

This summers novelty form Depend is Gel iQ collection.

It is a new technology gel nail polish that guarantees a perfect result. Most importantly - you can achieve it yourself at home. And there is no need to buff or file your nail surface in the process because the formula ir created in a way that it smoothes out on the nail itself, hence why the keyword "iQ". Result - a flawless finish and amazing shine, and durability for up to 14 days. And what is not less important - it is easy to remove, using two of provided removal methods with specific products - cleanser, foils and removal oil.

Dark doesn't mean boring.

Fall season shades are mostly the ones we see in the nature - red, dark berries, greens, greys, and they are not at all monotonos, because in a way the dark tones carry elegance and strength.

We have selected 10 trendy shades for this season that are a part from the whole Gel iQ shade range which contains a total of 37 juicy and rich colours.

1. Lady in Red

2. You're Cherry Special

3. Berry Much

4. Bordeaux Lips

5. Mother Earth

6. Catch Your Eye

7. Taupe Touch

8. Poolside Lounge

9. Mauve Matters

10. Hot Cocoa

Everything needed in a one set, you have to only choose the prefered coloured nail polishes. 

Gel iQ Start Kit includes a cleanser to use before nail polish application, a base coat, a top coat and, of coure, UV / LED lamp. Everything that is needed for the appllication process. The nail color choise is up to you. Also Gel iQ polish removal products of two kinds are available on our e-store.

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